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Welcome to Coding Labs, your gateway to a free online programming environment! Whether for personal projects or to teach or learn coding, Coding Labs is the right place to start. With no installation required, dive into coding effortlessly from your browser.

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Who is Coding Labs for?

For teachers

Use Coding Labs for your students in class

For students

Learn how to code online, in class or at home

For everybody

Work on your passion project and continue to learn

Get started with Coding Labs and dive into the world of coding with zero set-up needed.

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What can you do with Coding Labs?

Online coding platform

Access our free online coding environment

Coding Labs offers a free coding environment for everybody. No installation needed, start to code right now, straight from your browser.

# My Online Application in Pythonprint("Hello,World!")foriinrange(5):print("Iteration",i+1)|
Python training

Course management

Create and manage assignments for your class

With the integrated coding environment provided by Coding Labs, teachers can now easily create and distribute assignments to their classes or groups of students.


Use Coding Labs to automatically grade assignments

As a teacher you are able to formulate automated tests in order to further ease your teaching and solution checking.

print("Hello, World!")foriinrange(5):print("Iteration", i+1)

Get full access at no cost

We are happy to offer you the extended functionality of Coding Labs for your teaching. Create coding exercises and evaluate them automatically. There are no additional costs!

Please send us an email at clabs.info@stackfuel.com and we will respond promptly to get you started.

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Learn more about our work

Coding Labs is a joint effort between CODE University, Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e.V. and StackFuel GmbH. You can find news, research updates and more about our joint work on the project website.


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